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Duluth Flood

June 23, 2012

So, there's actually a creek that runs under the Whole Foods Co-op? This was the sight that greeted us when I dropped our son off early Wednesday morning for his job at the food co-op. The retaining wall had given way as underground Brewer's Creek forced its way through in a raging torrent. Bricks and parking lot asphalt were swept blocks away as the river made its way to the lake. As roads were closed and incredible photos (like the seal from the zoo ending up on Grand Ave. and the jet skiier in the Honda lot) hit the media, worried upcoming guests called with great concern. Even guests coming a month out! We have had offers to come and help with the clean-up here at the Ellery House, but our relatively minor washout of the gravel driveway was our only damage. Thank goodness a strong young college graduate now resides in our basement and is fairly handy with a pick and shovel. Everything is pretty much back to normal here so don't be frightened off by what you see in the media!

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