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Hawk Ridge Weekend

September 19, 2010

It's been a beautiful weekend for the annual Hawk Ridge Weekend which draws people from all over the world who want to see hundreds or thousands of hawks and other migratory birds fly through this unique site. Hawk Ridge is one of the few flyways in the country where these birds can be easily observed. This photo was taken of a very excited woman from Japan who was celebrating her birthday and had adopted a kestrel netted at the banding site nearby. She had the thrill of releasing it and I had the thrill of ducking as it swooped close by my head. We had a couple of birding/photographer guests who set out early both mornings for group birding sessions with a renowned bird guide. We sent along muffins, hot tea and fruit for their early morning excursions. This is always an option for our guests who enjoy birding/wildlife viewing at dawn.

So, we didn't actually plan on going to Hawk Ridge, and had originally set out for a nice hike with Sven and Ivy on a favorite Superior Hiking Trail section which ascends high above Skyline Drive and West Duluth. The ups and downs and wonderful vistas of the harbor, boats and bridges are "breathtaking." We were cruising along when suddenly Ivy's arthritic leg started acting up. She stood there a bit forlornly holding it in the air. Fortunately it wasn't so bad that she couldn't hobble back to the car. Home we went, and thought what a perfect opportunity to hike around at Hawk Ridge, see some birds and NOT bring the dogs.

The bird migration will continue through the fall and you can check out the numbers flying through each day at the Hawk Ridge website.

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