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Ships and Sand

September 12, 2010

It was a stunning sight from the warm sands of Park Point as we strolled along the nearly deserted beach on a glorious September afternoon. Ocean going vessels anchored in waiting to be loaded with much needed grain destined for needy countries far away. We don't often see that many ships. Our only encounter along the way was with a rather large young golden retriever named "Cooper" and his nice owner. He had the misfortune of fetching one of Sven's tennis balls out in deep water and nearly drowning as Sven did everything he could, including pushing his head underwater several times, to get his ball back. He was too much for Cooper and got his ball back. You do not get between Sven and his tennis ball.

The month of August definetly got away from us as we attended to a record-breaking number of guests. We also made some time to visit our son, Jonathan, up in Ely at Camp du Nord. And, then we were busy seeing him off on his 5 month trip around the world with a St Olaf group. We won't get to see all those places he's going but he's writing a wonderful blog which makes us feel like we can almost experience it.

That's all for now. The abundant basil in the garden is calling and pesto must be made before cold weather sets in.

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