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Agates and Swimming

July 24, 2010

With warmer lake temperatures we've been enjoying quick little escapes to our nearby secret rocky beach. Donning our swimming goggles, we cruise (slowly) along the shoreline in search of the elusive agate as well as a bit of refreshing exercise. The length of our swims are directly proportional to the water temperature of the day (it varies depending on wind, waves, sun and who knows what). The agates seem to have come back to this area again, or the agate pickers haven't been frequenting this relatively secluded area lately. Sven has his own rock-picking technique as he "paw" selects the largest rocks he can reach underwater and carries them in his mouth to a safe place above water's edge. Hi favorites then get rolled on. The sun has come out again after a much needed morning rain shower. A trip to the lake sounds pretty good!

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